Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter 1

“Ok man, you can do it.” He said to his best friend, who was more like a brother to him.
“Yeah, it’ll be good.” He answered positively, he had to stay positive. It was the only way to make it work, stay positive. “You sure you can miss me for a month?”
“No, but your health is more important. It’ll be ok with that replacement we found.” He explained to him. He wasn’t too sure about that but he wouldn’t let on. He’d never had to miss his best friend for a whole month before.
He nodded his answer and gave his friend a hug goodbye. “You’ll be here in a month to pick me up, right Jonny?” He said as he picked up his bag with clothes for the month and his guitar that was safely in its bag.
“Of course I’ll be here Rich.” He answered and saw Richie turn around, open the door and walk inside.

Jon stood there until Richie was inside, then he turned around too and walked back to his car. He knew he would miss his brother on stage and off. It wouldn’t be the same but like he had said; his health was more important. He hoped this time it would help him to not abuse alcohol for good.

Richie walked inside and up to the front desk to check in.
“Checking in?” The lady asked him. Richie answered her and filled in the pages she had handed him.
After checking the pages she said: “Ok Richar-.”
He interrupted her when she started. ”Richie is just fine.”
“Ok Richie, I’ll show you to your room and give you a little tour around here.”

They walked up the stairs and the lady introduced herself as Tina. His room was at the end of the hall, Tina showed him and he dropped his bag of clothes by the closet to unpack later and put his guitar on his bed. He looked out of the window next to the closet and looked over the court yard as she explained to him that the opposite sex wasn’t allowed in bedrooms. He laughed to himself when she said that. He wasn’t looking for anything like that right now. She quickly showed him where everything in his room was and walked him back downstairs.

“This is the relaxation room, the living room as you will.” Tina explained to him when they walked into an open room with a long table and couches with a TV at the other end of the room. There was an entry way to the room next to it which was a dining room with a kitchen next to it. 

Tina explained to him that people were allowed to make a meal for the whole group if they wanted to, but there was a cook so he didn’t have to worry. Richie was relieved.

Tina continued to tell him about the therapy sessions. They were held in the other wing of the building but he would find that out tomorrow. There was private therapy and group therapy every day. So at least 3 hours a day, the rest of the day they would be free to roam the grounds. The building was shaped as a half oval, with a court yard between the two wings. Behind the court yard was a small wood.

She walked him back to the living and introduced him to everyone there. Tina left and Richie went to sit down in one of the couches. He wasn’t sure what he should do. There were 3 other people in the room and a lady reading a book at the table. He almost wondered where she got the book from and if he could get one too, then at least he could read instead of sitting in the uncomfortable silence in the room.

The man in the couch opposite of him decided to start a conversation, Richie felt relieved someone had. He wasn’t sure if he should have said something as it was so quiet in the room. The man introduced himself as Carl and then introduced the other people in the room.
“At the table is Sandy. She doesn’t say much, she reads a lot of books about addiction though.” He explained and then pointed to the other couch where a man and a lady, that looked uncomfortable being there, sat. “That’s Fred and Sarah.”

Richie nodded and made sure to remember everyone’s names. Carl asked him what he was in for, making it sound as jail. Richie explained he had a problem with alcohol and Carl said most people did. He continued to make small talk with Carl until Carl excused himself and left the room.

Richie sat alone for a few minutes. He didn’t particularly look forward to any of this. He admitted he had a problem and needed help but didn’t like being there. Last time he had left 2 weeks early. He knew this time he had to do the full 4 weeks. He had to; he had his 13 year old daughter to think of.

He sat there lost in thought when he felt the couch move next to him.
“Earth to, I’m sorry, I forgot you’re name.” He heard someone say.

He concentrated again and turned his head. “It’s Richie.” He said. “Hi Richie, I’m Sarah.” Sarah smiled at him, Richie just had to smile back, she had a beautiful smile.

“What were you thinking about?” Sarah asked him gently as she sat down next to him. “My daughter.” Richie confessed. “Do you have kids?” “Yeah, I have 2 boys.” Sarah said proudly, “They’re great.”
“Yeah, they are.” Richie agreed, thinking how Ava had changed his life for the better and how he couldn’t imagine life without her anymore. He’d said goodbye to her yesterday, after he would leave the rehab centre he would be in Europe for 2 months and wouldn’t see Ava until August. It was only end of April; he realized he wouldn’t see her for 3 months, maybe a few days in between.

“You just arrived today, didn’t you?” Sarah asked him. “About an hour ago, my friend dropped me off.” Richie explained to her. “This your first time here then?” “Here, yeah.” “So, you’ve done this before?” She asked and Richie nodded.

“What about you?” He asked Sarah. “My third time, but it has been 10 years since the last time.” Sarah explained to him, turning her head away from him like she was ashamed. He felt bad for her although he understood it wasn't easy to stop.

Sarah got up and went upstairs without saying anything more. Richie assumed she was going to her room. 

Again he was left alone in the room. Fred was still there, but he hadn’t said a thing. He looked around and noticed Sandy was gone too.

He started thinking and felt bad for asking Sarah about her history at the centre. She seemed ashamed of it and he felt bad for making her feel that. Of all the questions he could have asked, he asked that. He should have known better than to ask that, of course it would make her uncomfortable to talk about it.

Carl came back in the room and asked where everyone had gone. Richie answered he didn’t know and got up to go to his room too.

He took his guitar off his bed and sat down.

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  1. Very nice so far.
    I think Sarah has some problem either with her family not beeing supportive,feeling guilty towards her kids or missing her husband who (10 years agoe)died in a tragedy. Looking forward to the next chapter.